Nina Valetova is The Developer of Synthesis Art Style

Life as Distorted Line, oil painting

At the beginning of her creative career, Nina Valetova set herself the goal of developing her own unique, original art style, since this is what distinguished every true artist. She spent much time and effort finding what would be the most accurate expression of her creative nature.
As she searched for her own style, she created in different styles that were inherent to her philosophy and, in the process, she achieved mastery in them all. Nina is an American Art Award winner in the category “Cubism” for 2018. She also won the the Premio ALBA 2009 certificate and medal by CASA Editrice Alba (Ferrara, Italy) in 2009. Many of her paintings are in public and private collections in Russia, United States, Denmark, and Germany.
Nina began mixing the styles she mastered into various combinations to express her unique approach to art. Generally, her artwork is not categorized into one specific style. Instead, she uses a combination of styles to create a piece.
In search of a new way to create art, Nina Valetova founded the Synthesis art style in contemporary visual art — an integration of figuration, abstraction, and surrealism. Nina Valetova is an established artist in the wave of bold, experimental art today.
Nina is an established artist in the current wave of bold, experimental art.

Maria Galperina